Larderello Group, two centuries of growth in the international arena

Plant nutrition
Leading edge technology applied to plant nutrition. A complete offer of Foliar fertilizers to care for the most diverse crops across the globe.
The Boron one-stop-shop. A comprehensive range of technologically advanced Boron-based products for a variety of industrial applications.
Flame retardant
Innovative and eco-friendly flame retardants and smoke suppressant.
A set of Zinc chemicals to guarantee improved safety at no environmental cost.
Chelation chemistry at its best. From our state-of-the-art facility in Argentina to the most diverse application in all five continents.
Ethics and company policy

Any development of our activities has to be sustainable and compatible
with the environment around us. It must meet the needs of our customers
and other interested parties in terms of quality, reliability,
safety and respect for environmental and ethical values.